Live The Drama

During the week, I thought about how fortunate we are, because the only times I am affected by the death and destruction in other parts of the world is when I deign to press the button on my TV remote. Too much? Too heart-breaking? Switch off, blank screen, back to Gossip Girl online.

Fortunate, I say, but at the same time completely ignorant. For one who hardly reads the papers, it is sad – shameful, in fact – that by the time I took the time to “catch up” on the world’s latest happenings, 40,000 other people had already lost their lives. And instead of instantaneous grief, instead of outright anger at the tragedy, my thoughts went along the lines of: Oh. Vague disaster. Somewhere else.

This level of detachment scares me, to be honest, because though I have prayed for the people there, I still cannot muster the amount of grief one should feel given the terrible circumstances. Isn’t that just really really scary, that we are so cold? That events far away have just about the same bearing on our minds as a typical Hollywood disaster movie?

Speaking of being affected by events far away, Manchester United won the Champions League! And if screaming, yelling, near-seizures and a crazy jump or two isn’t being affected then I don’t know what is. It faintly registered that at the very moment John Terry was stepping up to take that penalty, there were probably more prayers being uttered by Chelsea and Man United fans alike than there were for the cyclone and earthquake victims, but frankly I was too happy to dwell on it.

And then I saw the comment on an article which made everything come into perspective once again.

It said that despite John Terry being devastated about missing the penalty and costing Chelsea their win and all, he is still the highest paid player in the Premier League; it is still, after all, a soccer game. You want devastation? Think about all the people in Myanmar and China with no food, no homes, no families and much worse, no hope.

It’s not wrong to celebrate, but sometimes the world just gets too caught up in the drama.


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