God, if you are real, show us proof.

I mean, besides the fact that it took several inexplicable processes in my brain to come up with that thought, and several others to translate that into this sentence. And that there are 6.7 billion different patterns marked out on the tiny surfaces of every thumb in the world. Besides the thousands of historical documents which corroborate records in the bible. And besides the fact that chance could probably never create a universe governed by complex physical laws that most can barely grasp. Yeah, all that aside…

Really, why won’t you be more obvious?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. snazzld says:

    Hello! Thanks for the comment – I was actually being ironic, you know. Might’ve failed.

  2. beavan says:

    heyy i chanced upon this and i jus want to say that this issue is on my mind also for the past 3 weeks.=)) cheer up take care bye

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