Of Sydney & Sydney Bristow

Amidst treating myself to re-runs of Alias (beginning from Season 1, no less) and ziplocking clothing in an attempt to fit all my necessary possessions into a single piece of luggage, I’ve also found the time to meet up with different people all week. Been really blessed to have friends like these, who despite knowing that I’ll only be away for a paltry six months, have insisted on treating me to farewell meals, drinks, desserts – you name it.

In between plates of Hokkien mee and sambal stingray at Chomps, I realise its not the food I’ll miss so much as the company; in the unlikely event that I do find a genuine bowl of laksa in Sydney, I doubt I’d enjoy it as much without friends around who will understand when I say its “shiok” and gladly accept the hum that I won’t eat.

Still – don’t get me wrong – I’m not sad to leave at all. As I’ve been telling some people, I’ve spent too much time and effort (read: admin and paperwork) to get myself to Sydney to be sad about going there. I know it’ll be a great experience, I hope I’ll meet some funky friends, and I can’t wait to see what God has for me over there. No, the reason for this post is anything but sentimental (you know I don’t do sentimental) – its simply a big thank you to all my friends and family who have shown me such love and kindness (read: ang pows) that Singapore seems a little harder to leave than I thought. Although this, I suspect, is also closely linked to the fact that I haven’t been required to attend school for the past month.

So I’m kinda bummed about all the things I’ll be missing, like church camp, DGs and various birthdays, but at the same time glad that tomyam is not one of the things on that list any more; “glad” being an understatement.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. ariebedouin says:

    I tried commenting on your latest post but there was no comment box! STRANGE.

    HULLO from overseas :D

    Leaving comments always seem more stalkerish when you’re in the same country, but perfectly fine when you’re not.

    Maybe I should get some perspective training by staying in with parents of small kids too haha!

  2. ariebedouin says:

    i think i will miss you but not miss you – i kinda don’t do sentimental too *wry smile*

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