Salút Mere


It’s strange to think that only a week ago, I was enjoying the freshest crayfish I’ve ever eaten at Marriott Hotel’s international buffet – and tomorrow I face the enticing prospect of topping that experience, only this time at the Sydney Fish Market.

And that Chinese New Year in Malaysia two weeks ago seems like another cherished incident from the past, destined to be lived out in (increasingly more well-taken) photographs.

A week in Sydney has been much akin to a very long and laid back repetition of breezy walks, Nate, Sophie, Thai take-aways, couch-sleeping and excessive time spent on Facebook; to be honest, not the most exciting of times, but then this is Australia – the legendary chill pill’s country of origin.

I remember telling Clara before I left that I would be spending “two glorious days” living with both Nate and Sophie – as it turns out I will either have to apologise for my baseless boasting or alter my definition of “glorious” rather substantially to include “incessant wailing” and “constant vigilance”.

Don’t get me wrong, those two are the most adorable little things to wake up to – just not at 4am in the morning! The reason I’m saying all this, is really because by staying with the Maos for just a week, I’ve seen just how much time, love and effort goes into taking care of a child – something I never really thought about as I pinched Nate’s utterly pinchable cheeks in church on Sunday every week. And as I type to sound of Nate screaming his head off in the next room, I have to say: I salute thee, parents of the world.

Not just for changing diapers and puree-ing food for babies like Nate, but also, a good 20 years later, for letting go and yet still giving support to punks like me who decide they want to go somewhere else for awhile.


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  1. carmen says:

    nate so cuuuuteeee! hahas.. hi cheryl! hope u re having fun!

  2. snazzld says:

    HAHA you know when you put it like that it actually looks like a real African name..
    Anyway, he can’t play soccer if his pants are full of poo so you’re still gonna have to deal with it! But if Diamond Boy can’t do it then the rest of us no hope lah..

  3. timo says:

    i’m gonna still adopt my african kid, kwanyu.

    train him to be a soccer player, and wait for one of the premiership clubs to buy him.

    i’ll be rich.

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