The Truth Train

I decided to not lie about my overseas student status and forgo my travel concessions. Who knows how much money I could have saved? (Probably quite abit as concessions usually halve the fare.) Strangely enough, of all the decisions I’ve had to make before and even after getting here, this was one of the hardest. It was merely a mouse-click away, and I even suspect no one would have found out about the deception.

But I remembered the bible study Serene led before I left – about excuses we give ourselves to do the wrong things – and I said that I gave myself excuses so that I wouldn’t lose out in the “real” world. And as thoughts of how I could find a loophole in the agreement and pull a fast one over the Australian government, no less, I realised that was exactly what I was doing.

So with great (you have no idea) reluctance (I stared at the screen for 10 whole minutes), I shut the window and thanked God that He’s given me enough reason to trust that not putting “saving money” above Him will definitely work out to my benefit in the end.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. enai says:

    enyi… your real daddy commented? hee! so cool! I betcha our Heavenly Father is brimming with pleasure over your obedience!

  2. Joel says:

    hey.. yah i agree (: its definitely super hard, but it shows you love God more! haha man u scraped through their Blackburn game eh

  3. Daddy says:

    Well done, Chery in honoring the Lord!

  4. serene says:

    wow, partner, that’s amazing! : )))

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