Part-Mao, part-Chow

As you might already know, I’ve been alternating between bunking over at the Maos’ and Chows’ on weekends so as to ease my travelling burdens – I can’t tell you how grateful I am, not just because I save on time and costs, but also for just getting to know them better, seeing how they live and kinda sorta being part-Mao or -Chow for the weekend.

Agi is currently “training” to convert her 21-year old Hungarian driving license (don’t let the years fool you, as it turns out she is somewhat like En’ai when it comes to driving… you know what I mean) into an Australian one, so she usually drives us to church on Sundays with L-plate in tow and Ivan as instructor.

Agi: Okay, today don’t tell me the directions, and see if I can get there on my own.
Ivan: Sure, but make sure you think before turning!
Agi: Of course!
*Drives car out of garage*
Agi: Okay, I know. Right.
Ivan: Left!!
Agi: Right!!
Ivan: … It’s a one-way street.

Hahaha I thought that was hilarious. Anyway, good at directions be she not but Agi is one fanstastic cook and I, very fortunately, have benefitted greatly from this – try lamb shank, baked chicken stew and most recently a sushi-making session (in which Lincoln didn’t make a sushi handroll so much as a hand-grenade).

More on some other stuff I’ve been up to over here in due course, but if you can, some snail mail would really cheer me up – just ask me for my address! Love y’all.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. carmen says:

    HEYY cheryl pok! (: hahas, ur photos are being cooler.

  2. snazzld says:

    Eh dude I put it on Facebook:
    13 Ashgrove Crescent
    Blacktown NSW 2148

    (: (: (:

  3. hkr says:

    eh dude, what’s your address is aussie?

  4. ariebedouin says:

    Wahaha Ivan would never let her forget that…. *grin*

  5. abel says:

    hahaahha tat is really funny!!

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