The Trap

It is unlikely – and to a certain extent embarassing even, given Lindsay Lohan’s recent antics – for anyone to say that The Parent Trap is their all-time favourite movie, and even more unlikely that they could quote you any line in the film to a 83.44% degree of accuracy. But as it turns out, I happen to be one of those unlikely people.

The Parent Trap to me is like Linus’ blankie is to him; although not quite as tangible, Hallie and Annie Parker are always there when I need to watch something comforting, when I feel like quoting lines for a whole 1 and a 1/2 hours, and when I just need some known happy ending (its a Disney movie, they tend to do that).

Natasha Richardson, I never knew you, but I knew Elizabeth James. Wedding dress designer, impeccably British, chic, and smart, with a smile that made Dennis Quaid fall (into a pool) for you. I never thought about the actress behind the character until now – you were always just Elizabeth James, mother of Hallie and Annie. I never wondered what you’d been up to all these years (God knows Lindsay’s taken up enough tabloid space for the whole cast), I don’t think I’ve watched any of your other films. But I also don’t think I’ve ever teared at the passing of an actor in my life – yes, not even Heath Ledger.

So for me, Elizabeth James died yesterday, and though it may seem inconsequential, watching my favourite movie will never be the same again.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. hazelmay says:

    Hey I replied to your salmon comment… GO SEE! :D

  2. hkr says:

    did u watch the liverpool match???? goodness me. haha, sorry to comment here. i’m in school now and the network actually bans us from using facebook =(

  3. abel says:

    parent trap is 1 of the first few movies i rmb!

  4. enai says:

    oh no… =| I remember her in Maid in Manhattan too…

  5. snazzld says:

    I know ): seems like such a minor incident but turns out it was fatal.

  6. hazelmay says:

    Oh this news is sad, but kinda scary… To think when I went for skiing lesson 2 years back in Austria on beginner slopes, that I could have died from falling… Woah! And I fell like 6 times in total… Thank God for watching over us while we were skiing… Oh dear!

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