Three (an Easter eulogy)

Three men they hung up there;
Three men, with crosses to bear
Three dying, their pain for their wrongs,
One man, who didn’t belong

Three and thirty years all for this day
Three wise men, now a distance away
Three women weeping, in the crowds below
All of them the reason that I must go

Three nails they pierce in;
Three whips they crack;
Three throw the dice
And take the clothes off my back

Three days, the difference;
Three days, the plan;
Three days and the world
Will never be the same again


Three, the number of Easter eggs you will eat
Three is how many little bunnies you’ll meet
Three is really nothing much in this verse;
It means everything if you start from the first


One Comment Add yours

  1. Cheryl says:

    My friend wrote this for Easter too, completely uncollaborated! Kinda freaky, but very cool.

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