Fluke Fairies

In a week by which uncanny coincidences were superceded only by unending heaps of fun, visions of carousels and merry-go-rounds in my head have been spinning to the annoyingly happy tune of It’s A Small World (in increasingly higher pitches); and given that these crazy coincidences don’t seem to be relinquishing themselves any time soon, it seems neither will this song.

The aforementioned carousels weren’t conjured out of nowhere; I went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show on Thursday, and there were – among many other things – amusement rides there. I’m particularly enamoured by the flying carousel, pictured above, because its so magical and whimsical and pretty. But how’s this for whimsical: going to the Show with your church friends, and finding out another church friend was there at the exact same time because – wait for it – his friend, who was there with him, happened to snap a photo with all of you inside it by chance!

And how’s this for a cherry topping: your church friend’s friend, who was supposed to come to the Show as well but couldn’t make it in the end, turns out to be your friend whom you’ve known from judo for about 5 years now (except you didn’t know he was in Sydney until a few days later)!

After this, the small fact that that very same church friend’s other church friend in Singapore is your school course-mate in NTU doesn’t even turn an eyelid. Or was that a hair, either one.

But, as if the song was trying to justify the its lyrics not simply being It’s A Small Singapore instead, my browsing of a random classmate’s ‘progress blog’ for a Web Media module – and the first one I clicked, at that – led me to see this, which, quite literally made my jaw drop. Or at least my mouth open to an abnormally large size. Short version: the big happenstance hoo-ha is that the font he used for his header is my freaking font! Mind-blowing version: some guy in Sydney, who happens to be in my class, downloads the typeface that I designed, uses it for his assignment for this particular class, and I, happening to pick his blog to browse first, chance upon it. Hysteria, ensue.

So, I think we can all agree that if there’s one lesson we’ve learnt from all this, its that its not only a small world, but a small World Wide Web after all.


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