The Write Way

This is my attempt to bring back writing into my life.

Just under 2 years ago, Facebook didn’t have a profile of Cheryl Lee Enyi. Now the floodgates have well and truly opened, and I am thoroughly (and slightly ashamedly) Facebookified. I didn’t quite realise it till a couple of weeks ago, but the beginning of Facebook for me was also slowly but surely the end of blogging. When was my last post besides all the FYP blog stuff? Can’t even remember.

I was explaining to Cherie that the dawn of Facebook and Twitter is killing all semblance of writing instincts in me. In the past, when an issue used to bother me or I had something really exciting to share, I would start to form a “blog post” in my head about how I could write it such that it would be insightful and hopefully slightly interesting. I’d form sentence structures, coin up phrases and puns, and in some cases even think of arguments for and against the issue I wanted to write about. Okay it wasn’t as serious as I make out, but you get the picture. A certain amount of thought and nuance went into conjuring up a decent blog post.

For example, if I happen to witness a bad car accident on the way home, in the past I might have contemplated and written a post about the frailties of life and the importance of good driving; now I just snap a photo and Tweet: “Bad car accident on the way home. Omg scary!”. Or something like that.

I think in a nutshell, the problem is that its so easy to say things in a nutshell now, that no one really bothers to say things otherwise. Sometimes its good to think things through, analyse, and write more than 150 char. per sentence.


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  1. hazelmay says:

    Yes indeed! I agree even though Im not facebookified or tweetified. But the traditional way of writing and communication is just about lost. So much depth is lost by cutting everything short and to the bare minimum.

    One should start of trend for embracing traditions…

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