I feel super-loved today.

I guess that’s generally the idea on your birthday, but this birthday just felt extra nice! I think I’ve grown past the stage where my happiness is proportionate to the number of presents received; I haven’t received many this year but I feel so so blessed.

I’m blessed to have friends who are willing to find a great shabu-shabu place to have dinner with me; for friends who pretend to leave after supper but turn up at my house to surprise me; for friends who pooled money to get me a nice squash racquet; even for those who bothered to type a post on Facebook.

Even though I spent most of the day at home doing work, the fact that Manchester United won this weekend (plus Arsenal and Chelsea losing) was definitely a bonus. And of course there is that small little thing about Brian Joo wishing me happy birthday on Twitter.

Well that’s all over and done with, I’m now 23 and wondering what’s up ahead for me. Pray for me as I seek God’s guidance, and thank Him for giving me such wonderful friendships!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. ariebedouin says:

    and he wished you happy birthday?! (pardon my extravagant use of ?! haha)

  2. snazzld says:

    This is slightly embarassing but.. he’s my favourite Korean celeb haha!!

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