Sometimes, I realise you can never treasure friends enough. Who knew when I sat down at my desk on the first day of school, the noisy girl with the unpronounceable name—”Khim… what?”—would be my good friend for the next 11 years and counting. I think there were times we weren’t friends, and times when I felt like I didn’t belong, but 11 years later, its hard to remember all those silly quarrels when I think of all the fun times we’ve had. I’m not exactly the best friend someone could have, I don’t “keep in touch” well and I don’t have great advice to give most of the time, but I love these guys ‘cos they know all that and are still my friends.

Most of all, I know I want to see them in heaven. Here we go, 2011.


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  1. ariebedouin says:

    I kinda feel the same way about “keeping in touch” for myself! Love you partnerrrr!

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