Can we be honest?

This article by The Gospel Coalition on Valentine’s Day, even as it comes to yet another uneventful end, was something I really needed to read.

Can we be honest?

Of all the talk about Valentine’s Day, I have to admit I don’t know it too well. Safe to say I’ve been on a few dates in my lifetime, but none thus far on this presumably wondrous occasion. I have also to admit that a few months ago, I thought – well, maybe hoped – 2013 would be different.

Perhaps it was this blind hope that led me here, anyway.

“Here” being a pretty lonely, heart-achey sort of place, that seems to amplify itself on February 14th. All in all though, I think I got by with just some minor cuts & bruises today, no harm done.

Back to the article though, which tells me that I am loved, I am not alone and I have an eternal family that begins now. I knew that, but sometimes we know but we don’t know – you know?

It should send alarm bells ringing in the very recesses of my head and heart that the pure and simple fact that God loves me (God! The creator of the universe! Loves me! Me and all my horribleness!) still leaves me wanting more, or something else. To desire God more than anything else in this world should be so easy, and yet we make it so hard.


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