Say Goodbye To These

So whenever I feel down, or just downright bored, Arrested Development is one of a handful of shows I turn to to get my happy fix. (The others being The Parent Trap, The IT Crowd, and a smattering of random British panel shows.)

I absolutely and completely love the slightly off-beat, occasionally subtle, often irreverent humour that makes this show so brilliant, and I absolutely and completely love it when I find someone else who loves and gets it too. Surprisingly, they are rarer than one might think. Its always fun to drop a little inside joke or two about how we’ve “made a huge mistake” or that there are “dozens of us”, or how we’d like to put “analrapist” on our namecards too – I miss having someone to do that with.

But nonetheless, AD never ever fails to make me chuckle, not even on what must at least be my 10th time of re-watching each episode. Strangely I don’t think I’ve finished the 4th season; its something I was supposed to do but never got down to – and now, because you know I don’t really like doing things alone, I guess I’m waiting for someone else who will finish watching it with me someday.

Wow, how did this end so dismally? You were supposed to make me laugh!


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