I think its kind of fitting that, on the weekend we celebrate our independence and “freedom” as a country (yay SG50!), I, too, celebrate my own freedom of sorts. Hang on, I know that was way too many commas in one sentence, but whatever.

Freedom from what, you ask? FACEBOOK FREEDOM, YO. Yes, I began my unofficial official Facebook fast two days ago. Trust me, it hasn’t been easy. But I realised that not only was I spending an inordinate amount of time on it, but some strange sort of social pressure was building inside me – as if every single like was building up my existence, and the red notifications were my social life blood.

Scanning News Feeds aimlessly, seeing people get engaged, have babies, go on dates, eat nice food, go nice places, etc etc etc. Frankly, it just wasn’t doing me any good at all. If it didn’t make me feel jealous, it made me feel bored – either way, not great ways to feel.

Also, there is a particular someone I am trying to (mentally) avoid at the moment. And not going on Facebook helps. So there’s that.

So while I am severely falling behind on the latest National Day memes and other social media news, I think I’m doing pretty well thus far. And it brought me back here, so that’s a pretty good thing as well! Hello, blog, you’ve been missed.


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